Happy Hour Moms Health Support Group starting!

Ok all of you busy, working* moms/women out there...

And when I say, "working", this includes all stay-at-home-moms!  It's just like any other career, you put in 150% and it's every day.)

A busy, working mom/woman always has a lot on her plate.  Juggling the errands, the kids, your career, sports, meals, birthday parties, household management, etc.

Time seems maxed out.  Life is busy, life goes by quickly.  You find yourself burnt out, tired, some are even fatigued and running on fumes.

You have started to neglect your own health and your own joy.  You feel like you have to sacrifice in this stage of your life because you have so many responsibilities and lack of time for anything for yourself and even more, anything that would benefit your health right now.

Is it time to check in with yourself? Are you neglecting your health? Or some would say sacrificing it? You give and give and then end up forgetting about yourself. You may have started to gain weight, have hormonal issues, sleepless nights, anxiety, skin issues, and the list can go on...

Is it time to fill up your cup? Become a Happy Hour Mom by allowing yourself the break...Remember, YOU? The one that gives and gives? It's time for YOU. Time to refuel, reset, re-evaluate your self-worth and your self-awareness. Your family wants you to be around for years to come. You want to be around for years to come. You want to prevent diseases that will force you eventually to have to take care of yourself.  Why not start before you are forced to? Start consciously taking care of YOU and try to fight the path of disease. 

You are entirely up to you. 

Want to get the extra weight off?

Have motivation?

Extra Energy?

Feel like you can take on anything that comes your way because your mindset is in beast mode?

Have newfound confidence and self-esteem?

Have taken complete control of what you eat?

Incorporated self-care, joy, fitness, etc. into your schedule for YOU and not feel guilty about it? You deserve to be able to take care of yourself. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves. Who else will?

If it's time to fill up your cup that your pouring from an empty glass ...come to the Happy Hour Moms Health Support Group.  This is an informative health & wellness based group meeting where you will have a topic of the night that is health related.  This is a small group you can share your current health or life struggles with.  Learn to take the time for yourself that you need.

This group will be led by Tanya Rath, a Certified Nutrition Health Coach that will lead a positive group experience and give knowledge and insight to start a healthier journey to a happier and healthier you.

This is a free group, first come, first serve and space is limited. For additional health coaching, Tanya will be available to answer questions on programs offered.

Take control of your life and your health. Live the life you created and be able to enjoy it and conquer.


-Tanya Rath