Our Health & Safety Standards


Skin Necessities


I wanted to remind clients of how much we value and take pride in a clean, sanitary, and disinfected work place for our clients and for ourselves.

We live by this statement-At Skin Necessities we take pride in always providing a clean and sanitary environment to keep everyone safe. We follow all CDC and State Board regulations using hospital-grade, EPA-Registered disinfecting wipes on all surfaces touched during services and after every client. Frequent sanitation is done consistently on all commonly touched surfaces, handles, etc. Gloves and masks are worn during facial treatments and while cleaning. All disposable items are discarded after one use and all linen is changed after every client and washed in HOT water using only free & clear laundry detergent and unscented dryer sheets. Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged to be used by clients upon arrival.

When we say we disinfect with disinfecting wipes on all surfaces touched during services, we mean the drawer we may have opened, the products we touched, the chair we raised, the bed remote we used to move up the bed, the microdermabrasion wand & tube we used and touched, the hot towel cabinet we opened, the light we moved, etc.
Just because we wore gloves doesn’t mean we didn’t contaminate something during a facial. Also, if we have to get up and touch something NOT disinfected like a commonly used thing, we will remove gloves to touch it and get new gloves. We disinfect after the client leaves and before the next one comes in. Does this take longer in-between clients? Yes it does, but we have accounted for this extra time and we will never take short cuts just to get the next person in the door. We may be one or two minutes behind but we will make sure the next client can come in worry free in a disinfected zone. All tools used are washed with soap and water and then fully emerged into Barbicide Disinfectant for 10 minutes. This is changed daily. It is so important to me that we do not give clients germs, spread disease, spread contagious infections. It’s not just about COVID-19 and not just protecting the clients, but also ourselves.
We deal with blood on occasion, acne pus-filled infections, bodily fluids during extractions; this all needs to be handled and disinfected the proper way.
I think being upfront with all of our cleaning protocols leaves no guessing and no worries. This is very important to me to have this standard in my work place/work zone. I expect the EXACT SAME when I get a facial! Trust me!

With that being said, I also now have forms (digitally) that are linked to your appointment details. There is an ‘Updated Health Form’ that needs filled out prior to each appointment. It doesn’t take long to fill out, please do so either while your waiting to go into your appointment or when you confirm your appointment. This keeps the communication on any changes we may need to know when deciding on what treatment is best for you.

I also would like to announce my new website! Please check it out at Skinnecessities.com.
You will also be able to sign up for rewards! So each time you make a purchase in my store, you will get rewards that you may redeem later! Once your name and phone number and email is in the new software, you will start accruing these reward points. Some of you like having your credit card stored in the old software but just know you will not start accruing these reward points until you are in the new software.

Sorry for the lengthy email but wanted to give some behind the scenes insight and announce the new website! Inventory is a little low right now in my store but many vendors are out of stock on many products due to COVID-19 and ingredient shortages and other issues but I will stock those items as soon as they are readily available. I have made a few substitutions to have on hand in place of other products for the time being to help.

Any questions, please ask!

Tanya Rath