Why a Health Consultation is so vital.

If you have been curious about scheduling a Health Consultation you may have been taking a look at your own health and wondering if this is something that could benefit you. 

Have you been struggling with your health?

Have you been gaining weight or have gained weight that you can’t seem to get off? 

Do you have new skin issues that may be a result of something deeper like hormone imbalances?

Do you feel like you need to kick some of your bad habits but still can’t seem to do it?

You know something needs to change but don’t know how?


The purpose of a Health Consultation is so that I can dive deeper into a person’s current diet and lifestyle habits, their family medical history, their previous and current health conditions and/or diseases, their daily fitness/activity (if any at all), their current everyday stress level, type of job they have, hours worked, shift hours-whether it’s graveyard, swing, or days, kids, no kids, and so on. This is what makes the Health Consultation so vital because it’s an assessment of every piece of the connecting parts to the body. This is vital in deciding if working with a Nutrition Health Coach is right for you and then deciding what things can be improved on to get you to a healthier state and well-being to ultimately, prevent disease. 

This is not a molded program that is to fit everyone. It is CUSTOM to what your bio-individual needs are and how we can get you there. 


There are many things we may go into, as needed, in the program. 

-Mindset Change

-Food Education

-Adopting in more NUTRITIOUS food

-Crowding out Processed Foods & junk 

-Learning what Processed Foods are

-Learning how some nutrients are vital for the body to function properly especially for a healthy thyroid.

-Intuitive Eating


-Nutrition Deficiencies 

-Stress reduction/Learn about fight or flight


And so on…

Everything in the 3-6 months is in stages and is a process to allow the mindset shift, healthier habits to form, to learn about nutrition and look at food from a different perspective, and what the body needs to function optimally. 

I will also resource out to other practitioners when necessary. 


So with saying everything is connected in the body, we are a machine. When one part is not working properly, this can lead to other parts of the machine to not function properly. This is when weight gain and hormones changes can arise. 


Do you want to have more energy, build healthy habits that are sustainable (without deprivation) that can lead to weight loss, better sleep, more energy to keep up with the kids, feel happier and have more confidence and self esteem? 

Better skin, better mental focus, do better at work, and feel the best you have ever felt? To feel like you can conquer anything because you have balance in all areas of your life? Time for your kids, household, career, spouse, and even yourself? 

Moms tend to let themselves go to the wayside because of all of the chaos…

Your health is important. 

If you are ready (and you have to be ready) then schedule the vital Health Consultation. 

Trying to discuss during your facial time is very surface level. We have to dive deeper.


End 4th quarter with amazing changes that will go into the new year ahead of your New Year’s Resolutions!


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